How to Flip a property?

Buy a house that needs some work, fix it up and sell the house. The truth is it takes a lot of time to find the right deal, find the right financing, find the right contractor, decide what to repair, maintain a property, value a property, make sure all the needed repairs are done and then sell the house.


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How do you find deals to fix and flip? One of the hardest things to do when fix and flipping homes is buying houses cheap enough to make a profit. If you want to make at least $20,000 - $25,000 on your flips you've come to the right place. Search our current inventory of deals and sort by highest ROI or the neighborhood you like in the search bar.

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How do you get financing on a fix and flip? Financing fix and flips is a great way to buy more properties and make more money. It is not easy to find lenders that want to make short-term loans, which is what is required when you flip a home. The lender makes less money on a shorter a loan and it is riskier. Hard money is one way to finance flips. See our loan programs to learn more about financing 90% of Purchase and Rehab Costs.

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How do you repair a fix and flip? Besides finding a fix and flip, the next hardest thing is repairing a fix and flip. I would not suggest doing the work yourself, unless you have no job and know what you are doing. Many flips go bad because someone thinks they can fix up a home themselves on the weekends and save thousands. The truth is your time is worth something and you will probably lose money if you aren’t a professional contractor.

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We analyze thousands of properties, including foreclosures, short-sales, bank owned, corporate owned, and individually owned properties filtering out the important information you need to decide to buy like county records, accurate comparables sales, current images of the interior and exterior of the property all to find the best deals for investors to profit and truly calculate all the real costs, fees, and transactional expenses involved providing you with the true picture of what your earning potential can be.


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How do you sell your fix and flip? You’ve almost made it to the end! Selling a fix and flip is simple. Hire the best real estate agent you can find, trust their value and let them sell the house for you. Many people want to save a commission and list a house themselves, but it usually costs the seller more money in the end than the agents commission. If a seller thinks they will save an entire commission they are wrong. Most buyers use a real estate agent to represent them and if a seller wants to attract buyers they will have to pay at least the buyer side commission. That means the seller is only saving half of the commission and now the buyer has representation and the seller does not. Who do you think has the advantage? Real estate contracts are extremely complicated and a seller needs a professional to help them understand the contract and the process. Valuing a home is even trickier and the most important job an agent has. If you over price a home it becomes stagnant and buyers will wonder what is wrong with the house. If you under price a home you will leave money on the table. An agent will know exactly where to price a home so that it sells quickly, but not too quickly. The property flip tends to sell houses after they have been on the market in three weeks. If you want proof selling a house for sale by owner loses the own money, check read this statistic: FSBOs accounted for 9% of home sales in 2012. The typical FSBO home sold for $174,900 compared to $215,000 for agent-assisted home sales. Use the contact form below to tell us more about your property and we will sell it for the most money possible.


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A lot of money can be made flipping a home There is much, much more I could share about how to make money fix and flipping homes, but the best teacher is experience. Visit our help center. New articles are posted frequently that talks about new deals, repairing properties, how I bought properties and I include pictures and videos. If you are interested investing in rental properties I cover those subjects as well.


FLIP SMART: THINGS YOUR SHOULD NOT DO Mold, wood rot, warped floors, a dated bathroom — these problems might seem a nightmare to the average home buyer, but to a seasoned flipper, a house full of flaws could mean profits.…

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